प्रस्तुति लोड हो रही है। कृपया प्रतीक्षा करें।

प्रस्तुति लोड हो रही है। कृपया प्रतीक्षा करें।

Publish your presentations online we present SLIDEPLAYER.IN.

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विषय पर प्रस्तुति: "Publish your presentations online we present SLIDEPLAYER.IN."— प्रस्तुति प्रतिलेख:

1 Publish your presentations online we present SLIDEPLAYER.IN

2 Publish your presentations easier and faster A unique solution in any situation 1 Create your presentation 2 Upload your presentation 3 Public and share

3 Create your presentation Easy upload to the server for further publication 1

4 Use ready –made presentations for quick creation of your own unique presentations for any event! Say “No!” to presentations from scratch. A great number of ready-made presentations for any event are available on the website SlidePlayer.us Hundreds of thousands of ready-made presentations

5 Download and edit quickly, easily and for free Website SlidePlayer.us is 100% free View and download any presentations for free! All presentations are correctly edited and saved

6 No more flash drives and heavy e-mails. Public your presentation on SlidePlayer.us and send a link. Following the sent link you will be able to view and download the presentation for further editing. Public. Share. Work together.

7 2 Download your presentation Easy upload to the website SlidePlayer.us

8 In a matter of seconds you will share your presentation with THE WHOLE WORLD.

9 SlidePlayer.us allows to add video and audio files to your presentation. Correct playback directly from your presentation is surprising, isn’t it? Video and audio files are played together with a presentation on any devices, including mobile ones! Perfect video

10 Video in presentations Playback directly from mobile devices! SlidePlayer.us uses new HTML5 technology instead of Flash. Thanks to this all presentations are correctly displayed on any devices, including mobile ones.

11 Are there a lot of beautiful effects in your presentation ? Saving all the effects SlidePlayer.us will save them all

12 3 Public and share! Publication and distribution of your presentations – easy with SlidePlayer.us!

13 » Just download and publish your presentation on the web-site SlidePlayer.us » Make a link to the page with your presentation or just add a player with your presentation to your slide or page in social networks! » Share with your friends and collegues on Facebook and Twitter! JUST GIVE A LINK

14 Spread the link to your presentation via email, Skype, social networks and in any other way! The service SlidePlayer.us supports publication in social networks with a single click, so everyone will be able to see your presentation! Show it to everyone! To distribute a presentation is extremely easy with SlidePlayer.us

15 ? No computer with Power Point? You have SlidePlayer.us – and there is nothing else you need! View presentations from anywhere

16 » Work with SlidePlayer.us » Your presentations are available to you anytime and anywhere Presentations from any spot of the Earth

17 What’s your message? SLIDEPLAYER.US Kick up your Creativity!!!

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